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Bonne Maman Chestnut Spread 370g


Indulge in the rich and creamy Bonne Maman Chestnut Cream. This 370g jar is filled with the finest chestnuts, capturing the essence of autumnal flavours in every bite. Perfect as a spread on toast or crackers, or as a decadent ingredient in your favourite desserts, this chestnut spread is a must-have for those seeking a taste of French indulgence.

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a jar of Bonne Maman chestnut cream/spread 370g
Bonne Maman Chestnut Spread 370g $7.99

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The Bonne Maman chestnut cream is a delectable delight made with the finest chestnuts—a true indulgence for lovers of rich and creamy spreads.

This spread captures the essence of autumnal flavours in every spoonful. The luscious texture and nutty aroma of chestnuts come together to create a truly irresistible treat that pairs perfectly with your favourite bread, crackers, or even as a filling for pastries.

Whether you’re enjoying it as a decadent breakfast accompaniment, a sweet snack, or incorporating it into your dessert recipes, the Bonne Maman chestnut cream will elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

Its authentic French flavour and exquisite quality make it a perfect addition to your pantry or a thoughtful gift for any food connoisseur. Indulge in the richness of chestnuts and experience the taste of France with every sumptuous bite!

    NO high fructose corn syrup
    NO artificial preservatives or additives
    Gluten free
    Suitable for vegetarians

The Bonne Maman chestnut spread is made with simple ingredients you could find in your kitchen and prepared under the highest quality standards. What you get is a homemade taste like no other that is perfect for sharing with people close to you. After all, the essence of Bonne Maman is to nurture little moments of love and care like time spent with family and friends.

INGREDIENTS: Chestnut, Sugar, Brown Cane Sugar, Pure Vanilla Extract

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