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Ducs de Gascogne Foie Gras Specialties 3x90g


This Ducs de Gascogne Foie Gras specialty set features three tantalizing variations with 20% foie gras content each, combining velvety duck liver with cooked porcini, smoked duck breast, and Bayonne ham for an exceptional culinary experience. Perfect for gifting.

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Ducs de Gascogne Foie Gras specialty set 3x90g
Ducs de Gascogne Foie Gras Specialties 3x90g $47.90

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This is a Ducs de Gascogne foie gras specialty set of three, with each variation offering unique ingredients, making it the perfect addition to your culinary repertoire or an exceptional gift for friends and loved ones.

  1. Duck liver and cooked porcini (20% foie gras) 90g. Delight in the marriage of tender duck liver and succulent porcini treasures (trésor de foie de canard et cèpes cuisinés). Each bite is a symphony of earthy richness and velvety indulgence.
  2. Duck liver and smoked duck breast (20% foie gras) 90g. Experience the harmonious blend of velvety duck liver and smoky, tender duck breast (harmonie de foie de canard et magret fumé), a combination where the depth of foie gras meets the alluring aroma of smoked duck for a truly unique gourmet experience.
  3. Duck liver and Bayonne ham (20% foie gras) 90g. Indulge in the pleasure of duck liver and the delicacy of Bayonne ham (plaisir de foie de canard et jambon de Bayonne). This union of textures and tastes provides a delightful balance of flavours.

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