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Livradois Montboissie "Morbier Style"


Livradois Montboissie “Morbier Style”


Montboissie Morbier is a mild, semi-soft cow’s milk cheese from France. Uncooked and pressed.

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An interpretation of the French classic Morbier, Montboissie is produced from pasteurised milk that is sourced from the Auvergne region but outside of the designated AOC area for Morbier. Milder in flavor than its pungent rind suggests, Montboissie has a supple texture that compliments its pleasant and sweet taste.

PRODUCER: Société Fromagere du Livradois

ORIGIN: Auvergne, France


STYLE: Semi-soft, uncooked, pressed

PROCESS: Historically, in the evening after the days cheese making was finished, often there would be a small amount of curd remaining. A layer of ash, often from a burned grape vine, was sprinkled across the surface of the curd to stop it from drying out. The next morning new curd was laid on top of the ash layer to complete the full cheese. The cheese was then pressed and periodically washed with salt water and left to mature for a minimum of two months. The ash line that remains today purely decorative in purpose.

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