Mixa Cica-Creme Repair (Adults and Kids) 50ml

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Mixa Cica-Crème has a “dressing effect” texture that soothes weakened areas and promote rapid repair of the skin. Can be used for both kids and adults.

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Mixa Cica-Creme Repair (Adults and Kids) 50ml $19.20 Inc GST

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Superficial skin irritations such as micro-scratches, flaking, and severe dryness are now easy to treat with the repairing care of Mixa Cica Creme.

Thanks to panthenol, a pharmaceutical active ingredient with recognized repairing properties, alleviating the weakened zones and repairing the damage of your family’s skin is now an easy task. It is a hypoallergenic solution that is appropriate for babies, kids and adults.

Do not apply to damaged skin. Do not swallow.

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