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About Us

France at Home is a French supermarket serving our customers in-store and online that offers a wide range of French products and delicacies. Our mission is to provide our customers with an easy and convenient way to enjoy France’s best products and share our passion for French culture.

At France at Home, we source only the best products directly from France, working closely with our trusted suppliers to ensure that each item meets our strict quality standards. Our selection includes everything from biscuits, confectionary, rillettes, terrines, foie gras, condiments, bath and beauty, and various pantry and household products.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and have a team of experts to answer any questions or offer guidance on selecting the perfect products for your needs. We are committed to offering fair and competitive prices and regularly update our selection to reflect the latest products and trends.

Whether you are a French ex-pat looking for tastes from home or a foodie looking to explore the flavours of France, France at Home is the perfect destination for all of your French grocery needs. Shop with us today and let us transport you to the streets of France with every bite.


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