Retail Clients

Free standard delivery over $100 Australia wide
Free refrigerated delivery over $150 to selected areas only

Frequently Asked Questions
We are always here to answer any of your questions.

If the following do not answer your questions or if you would like some further information please contact us via the link below. 

We deliver Australia wide and beyond (Yes, all over the world) so to rectify this please check the following:

1. Ensure that the state and postcode are correct.

2. If you have a Dairy Products (Cheese or Butter), we may not deliver to your suburb or state. Remove these items to display a shipping option. 

If this issue continues please contact our office on (03) 8339 7438.

We use EnviroFill Biodegradable void fill in order to protect the contents of your order.

This is a 100% Biodegradable loosefill packaging material made from Australian corn and potato starch. When immersed in water it dissolves with no harmful residue, and can be disposed of with rubbish as it completely breaks down.

Bio Fill is also compostable and can be used on your garden – it can actually improve soil structure! This packaging material can be disposed of with a clear conscience.

If you are attempting to pay by credit card and are receiving the below error message:

No such source: src_1F1hpmLgAH7ganzuhuck194B 

Your saved credit card is not valid anymore. Follow these 2 steps to fix the issue.

1. Go to and delete your saved credit cards.

2. Return to the checkout page and re-enter your credit card.

We have recently changed business entity and as a result, all previously saved financial data was not transferred over for security and in order to ensure we protect your personal data. 

If you have any questions or are facing another issues, please call (03) 8339 7438.

Yes, anyone can purchase from us whether you want 1 product or 1000’s.

You can purchase online, in person or over the phone.

Online – simply select the products you would like and once you have finished go to your cart to confirm your order and make your payment.

In Person – come visit our warehouse in Somerton, Victoria to look and buy.

Over the Phone – Please feel free to contact us (03) 8339 7438 during business hours and we will be more than happy to assist.

We deliver worldwide.

All orders are dispatched using a variety of courier service. You can also pick up your order for free from our warehouse.   

Shipping is calculated by the weight and the destination of the order. 

We offer free standard delivery for orders over $100


Free refrigerated courier delivery  for orders containing dairy products over $150
that are delivered within Australia for retail order.

We aim to have orders processed and dispatched within 1 – 3 business days of receipt.

For transit times please see: shipping-and-payment

You can put through a request to open a wholesale account via the Wholesale Inquiry option under the Wholesale tab or contact our team on (03) 8339 7438.

Yes, of course, we are always seeking suggestions on what our customers are missing. Simply visit our Contact Us page and enter all the details under “Product Suggestion”.

We can also import a product specifically for you if available. Conditions and Minimum orders may apply.

Yes, you are able to pick up your order for free from our warehouse in Somerton, Victoria.

3/4 Burnett Street, Somerton, Victoria. 3062.

Simply select “Click and Collect” on checkout.

Cheeses are now delivered by a Refrigerated Courier Service.

In Australia, we’re used to keeping cheese in the fridge, when it actually is best aged and stored between 7-15 degrees! If the cheese doesn’t feel fridge-cold when you open the box, don’t worry, it made its way in with a refrigerated van.

We recommend having your order delivered where someone is available to accept it so it is not left in the elements.

Did you know you can visit us in person?

France At Home located in Somerton, Victoria and imports and supplies a variety of supermarket products direct from France and sells direct to the public and wholesale.

We invite all our customers to come visit us at our warehouse distribution centre where you can look and purchase any of the 100’s  products available.

To make an appointment to visit us, please contact us by calling 03 8339 7438

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