Biafine 93g

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Discover the healing power of Biafine Cream, a potent, water-based formula designed to treat a variety of skin conditions, including burns, wounds, and skin reactions to radiation therapy. It provides immediate relief and promotes skin health after every use. Gentle enough for daily application.

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Biafine cream 93g (topical emulsion)
Biafine 93g $23.00 Inc GST

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The Biafine cream is a topical emulsion used extensively across France for the treatment of various skin ailments. This water-based formula is recommended for the management and dressing of wounds, pressure sores, and leg ulcers. It is also highly effective for treating first and second-degree burns, including sunburns, making it a must-have addition to your home first aid kit.

This Biafine emulsion cream is also indicated for the relief of erythema and redness following radiotherapy. It provides comfort to donor and graft sites and helps expedite the healing process. Moreover, it’s a trusted remedy for minor scrapes and skin reactions due to radiation therapy.

The non-greasy formula of this topical emulsion absorbs quickly into the skin, offering immediate relief and promoting the healing process. Biafine cream is gentle enough for daily use, ideal for those managing persistent skin conditions.

NOTE: Biafine should not be used on bleeding wounds, skin rashes related to food or medicine allergies, or if a known allergy to any of the ingredients exists. Always consult with a healthcare professional before applying this product directly on any wound. Read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, liquid paraffin, ethylene glycol monostearate, stearic acid, propylene glycol, paraffin wax, squalane, avocado oil, trolamine/sodium alginate, triethanolamine, cetyl palmitate, methylparaben (sodium salt), sorbic acid (potassium salt), propylparaben (sodium salt), and fragrance.

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