Haribo Cocobat 300g

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Delight in the timeless allure of HARIBO Cocobat, exquisite liquorice candy sticks creating an enchanting fusion of sweet and rich liquorice flavours that captivate individuals of all ages.

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pack of Haribo Cocobat 300g
Haribo Cocobat 300g $6.20 Inc GST

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HARIBO Cocobat are delicious liquorice candy sticks offering a unique blend of sweet and rich liquorice that has been enchanting gourmets for years. They appeal to both young and old for their inimitable taste and tenderness that always awaken the taste buds of liquorice candy fans.

With every piece, you’ll enjoy a timeless treat that showcases the perfect balance between candy sweetness and liquorice depth. Elevate your snacking moments with the enduring pleasure that only HARIBO Cocobat can provide.

INGREDIENTS: sugar; molasses sugar syrup; wheat flour; glucose syrup; starch; dextrose; palm fat; licorice extract; maltodextrin; salt; gelatin; acidifier: citric acid; fruit and plant concentrates: safflower, spirulina, beetroot; invert sugar syrup; aroma; glazing agents: white and yellow beeswax, carnauba wax. Keep away from heat and humidity. May contain traces of MILK.

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