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LU Petits Coeurs Chocolat 125g

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Indulge in the exquisite harmony of buttery heart-shaped biscuits and premium chocolate with LU Petits Coeurs Chocolate, a delightful treat perfect for elevating any moment of indulgence.

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pack of LU Petits Coeurs biscuits 125g
LU Petits Coeurs Chocolat 125g $5.10 Inc GST

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Indulge in pure moments of delight with LU Petits Coeurs biscuits. Savour the exquisite blend of rich, velvety chocolate and delicate heart-shaped biscuits that perfectly balance indulgence and elegance. Each bite is a testament to LU’s legacy of crafting exceptional treats.

Discover a taste that marries the satisfying crunch of buttery biscuits with the lusciousness of premium chocolate. Whether enjoyed during a cozy evening at home or shared with loved ones, LU Petits Coeurs Chocolat elevates every occasion. With 125g of pure pleasure, it’s an ideal gift to show appreciation or a charming addition to your own moments of self-care. Elevate your snacking experience with these little hearts of happiness.

INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, vegetable oils (palm, copra), sugar, chocolate powder (sugar, cocoa powder), lactose (milk), baking powder (ammonium acid carbonate, sodium acid carbonate), Whole milk powder, cocoa paste, salt, hazelnut paste, emulsifier (soy lecithin)

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