Lutti Flexi Fizz 225g

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The delicious strawberry-flavored carpet candy from the second confectionery brand in France.

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A pack of Lutti Flexi Fizz candies 225g
Lutti Flexi Fizz 225g $5.40 Inc GST

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Lutti Flexi Fizz is the delicious strawberry-flavored carpet candy your kids will love.

The unique texture of Flexi Fizz provides a chewy and gummy sensation that is unlike any other candy, while the fizzy center adds an extra kick of excitement to each bite.

Made with high-quality ingredients and packed with strawberry flavour, Lutti Flexi Fizz is the perfect treat to share with friends or enjoy on your own. Try it today and satisfy your cravings for something sour and sweet!

  • Without animal gelatin
  • Vegetarian

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, wheat flour, acidifiers (malic acid, citric acid), dextrose, vegetable oil (Palm), flavouring, colouring (E163), antioxidants (ascorbic acid, E306).

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