Orangina Rouge Bottles 250ml (12 pack)

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Orangina Rouge combines the savouring taste of Orangina with the juicy sweetness of red oranges, citrus pulp and zest blend to make a truly refreshing drink. Directly imported from France, this lightly carbonated drink offers a refreshing and slightly textured mouthfeel for every occasion.

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a bottle of Orangina rouge 250ml
Orangina Rouge Bottles 250ml (12 pack) $45.50 Inc GST

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Discover the sun-kissed allure of Orangina Rouge, a zesty iteration of the classic French drink. This captivating blend captures the juicy sweetness of red oranges, expertly combined with Orangina’s signature citrus medley and light carbonation.

Its rich flavour profile is reminiscent of a Mediterranean summer, with every sip delivering a tangy and sweet delight. The characteristic pulp lends a subtly textured mouthfeel, enriching your beverage experience.

Whether you’re hosting a party, having a picnic, or seeking a refreshing treat on a warm day, Orangina Rouge promises a fruity escape!

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INGREDIENTS: carbonated water, blood orange juice from concentrate, orange juice from concentrate, sugar, lemon juice from concentrate, orange pulp, mandarin juice from concentrate, mandarin pulp, grapefruit from concentrate, grapefruit pulp, natural flavorings, potassium sorbate (preservative), orange peel extract,  black carrot juice (color), carmine (color).

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